• Here is what you will be studying in Physics: Syllabus
  • Depending on the situation we will be studying also some additional material if possible and some topics in more detail. This will hopefully help you in your future studies. I will mention during the lessons what is part of IGCSE syllabus and what is "extra".

    • Cambridge Students site that has a lot of good IGCSE material. There is also information about revision material and Physics simulations.
    • www.physics.org Look under the title Study and you will find revision material.
    • BBC Bytesize page also has material.
    • GCSE revision materials will help you to revise the basics in IGCSE.You may find some material for other subjects too from these pages.

To find more material to use for revision use Google and words "IGCSE Physics revision" or similar words. You will be suprised how much there is free material for you to use.

How power grids work:

Here is a nice link that explains how power grid works.

Circular motion:

This is part of the exteted material but I am sure all of you will learn from this:

Conservation of momentum:

  • NEW Look at this video explaining momentum and impulse.
  • Here are examples and some explanation about momentum: MOMENTUM.doc or MOMENTUM.docx.
  • Newton's cradle demonstrates the conservation of momentum and energy. Energy and momentum are conserved in an elastic collision. In an inelatic collision (i.e. the colliding objects get "stuck" just like two cars get stuck together in an accident) only the momentum is conserved.

Newton's Laws of Motion:


Motion graphs:


  • Here you will have some advice on how to tackle the material we have studied and nice videos about about some phenomena. Go and see if it is possible to break an egg by hand.


  • Links to sources of information.